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Apple Watch

How to instructions for Apple Watch including heart rate, synch, install, update, calibrating step count, factory reset, erase, and troubleshoot the app.

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How to Check Heart Rate on an Apple Watch
Your Apple Watch has an app that enables you to easily check your current, resting, and walking heart rate throughout the day.
How to Factory Reset an Apple Watch
Restore your Apple Watch to a factory-fresh state for troubleshooting purposes, to prepare to give it away, or other reasons.
How to Fix Apple Watch Not Tracking Steps Properly
Sometimes your Apple Watch isn't performing one of its core features: tracking your steps. It may only need a restart.
How to Fix the Apple Watch App
Learn to solve common troubles you may have with the app for your Apple Watch connecting, pairing, and sending data from your Apple iPhone.
How to Install the Apple Watch App
Install the Watch app onto your iPhone to customize watch faces, adjust settings and notifications, install apps onto your Apple Watch and more.
How to Replace an Apple Watch Band with Heyday
Learn how to remove the regular stock band on your Apple Watch and replace it with a new Heyday band.
How to Set Up an Apple Watch
Your new Apple Watch will need to be properly paired and set up in order for you to get the most out of it. We can guide you through the first time set up.
How to Sync an Apple Watch
Learn how to pair and sync your Apple Watch with your Apple iPhone, to track your health information and check your messages on your Watch.
How to Update an Apple Watch
Learn how to update your Apple Watch to benefit from new features or improvements and bug fixes to existing features.