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How to instructions for Windows tablets including Acer to solve common problems such as WiFi, parental controls, notification, and more.

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How to Connect Acer One 10 to WiFi
Learn how to connect your Acer 10 PC to WiFi and what you can do if you've lost the WiFi credentials or are having connection issues.
How to Factory Reset an Acer One 10 Tablet
Restore your Acer One 10 Tablet to a factory-fresh state for troubleshooting purposes, to prepare to give it away, or other reasons.
How to Fix Video Issues on Windows Tablets
Fix video issues with your Windows tablet such getting a blank screen, screen shuts off randomly, display colors are off or picture is fuzzy.
How to Install the Spotify App
Install Spotify onto a multitude of different devices such as iPhones, Android tablets, Samsung Smart TVs, and more so you can enjoy your music anywhere.
How to Keep an Acer One 10 Tablet Secure
Learn how enabling a password, setting up automatic updates, installing security software and doing data backups can keep your Acer One 10 tablet secure.
How to Pair a Bluetooth Device to an Acer One 10
Learn how to pair your Acer One 10 tablet with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones, mice or keyboards.
How to Set Up an Acer One 10 Tablet
This guide will take you through unboxing and first time setup of your Acer One 10 Tablet, along with a first time setup of Windows 10.
How to Use the Camera on a Acer One 10 Tablet
Learn about how to use the camera on your Acer One 10 to take photos and videos using the Windows 10 Camera app.