How to Add a Sengled Smart Light Bulb to Google Home

Authored by: Tech Pro Team

1. Introduction

This guide will walk you through connecting your Sengled account to your Google account, to control your Sengled lights with the Google Assistant on your smartphone, tablet, and range of Google Home speakers.

Before You Begin:

Google Account
Before beginning, you need to have an active Google account.

Google Home App
You will need to have the Google Home app installed on your smartphone or tablet to connect to your smart home devices.

Sengled Light Setup
Before you can link your Sengled devices to your IFTTT account, you must have setup your Sengled device with the appropriate Sengled app first.

Sengled and Google Home

Unsupported Sengled Bulbs

At this time, certain Sengled smart bulbs do not integrate with Google Assistant, as they do not have a way to talk to a server on the Internet.

Sengled Pulse

Sengled Pulse

At this time, the Sengled Pulse line of bulbs only connect via Bluetooth, not Zigbee or Wi-Fi. They will only talk to another Bluetooth device such as your phone, or the Sengled Pulse Link.

Sengled Smartsense

Sengled Smartsense A19

The Sengled Smartsense bulbs have no connectivity, rather they just provide a convenient motion sensor combined with an energy efficient light.

Sengled Element with Other Hubs

If you're using your Sengled Element bulbs and devices with a 3rd party hub, such as Wink or SmartThings, Google Assistant can access these bulbs through those services instead.

2. Add the Sengled Service to Google Home

Grab the mobile device you have the Google Home app installed on in order to get the Sengled service added.

  1. Open the Google Home app.
Google Home.
  1. Select Accounts at the bottom.
  1. Select Set up or add.
  1. Select Set up device.
Add device
  1. Select Works with Google.
Works with Google.c
  1. Scroll through the list, and select Sengled Home.
Sengled Home
  1. Fill in your Email, and Password for your Sengled account, then select Sign in.
Sengled account sign in with Username Password and Sign In highlighted.
  1. After a few moments, Google will be able to control your Sengled smart devices. Control can be done from your mobile device(s), and various Google Home speakers.