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How to Control WiZ Smart Lights with the WiZ App

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In This Guide
You'll Learn:
  • How to control your WiZ smart lights.
You'll Need:
  • The WiZ app to be already installed on your mobile device.

? Is the WiZ app already installed on your mobile device?

  1. The WiZ app is already installed on my mobile device
  2. How do I install the WiZ app on my mobile device

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In This Guide
You'll Learn:
  • How to control your WiZ smart lights.
You'll Need:
  • The WiZ app to be already installed on your mobile device.

From the WiZ app you can control your lights individually, in rooms, in groups or within the entire home.

To Control Your WiZ Lights

  1. Launch the WiZ app on your mobile device.
    WiZ App.
  2. Scroll left or right in the top bar and tap a room icon to select a room. When you tap a room icon it selects all the lights within that room.
    Room selection bar highlighted in WiZ app.
  3. Tap a light icon to select an individual light or a group icon to select a group of lights. A group of lights has multiple smaller icons grouped together.
    Light and group icons highlighted in WiZ app.

    The selected light or group of lights will be highlighted with a black circle around it, like the second light icon above.

  4. To group lights together, tap and hold an icon then drag it over another icon.
    Light icon highlighted and arrow showing drag and drop action over group icon in WiZ app.
  5. Tap the light mode button to select between:
      • White color temperatures
      • Simple colors
      • Dynamic colors
    Light Mode button highlighted in WiZ app.

    With dynamic colors, the lights transition between colors to create lighting effects.

  6. Use the sliders to adjust other light properties. The bottom one adjusts the brightness level and the top one changes with the light mode:
    • For whites you can adjust the color temperature
    • For simple colors it disappears
    • For dynamic colors you can adjust the color transition speed
    Sliders highlighted in WiZ app.
  7. Tap the buttons at the bottom to turn the lights On or Off, or set them as night lights for any selection. Hold the buttons to set the lights for the entire home.
    On, Off and Night Light buttons highlighted in WiZ app.
  8. Tap the cog wheel button to configure the lights further. You can change settings based on your selection, for individual lights or groups of lights, such as the name, icon, location, light fading time, and even access the room settings.
    Cog wheel button highlighted in WiZ app.
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