How to Factory Reset a Ring Chime

Authored by: Tech Pro Team

1. Introduction

You can reset a Ring Chime or Chime Pro to its factory default state if it's no longer working as intended and you've exhausted all troubleshooting options, or if you plan on selling it or giving it away. This guide will take you through that process.

Tools You'll Need:

  • No extra tools are needed.


Supplies You'll Need:

  • No extra supplies are needed.


Before You Begin:


Ring Logo.

2. Factory Reset a Ring Chime or Chime Pro

Resetting a Ring Chime or Chime Pro to its factory default state will erase all its saved settings and preferences.

  1. Make sure the chime is plugged into a power outlet.
Ring Chime plugged into power outlet.
  1. Locate the pinhole where the reset button is located on the side of the device.
Pinhole pointed out on side of Ring Chime.
  1. Insert a pin or paperclip into the pinhole, then press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds.
Paperclip inserted in pinhole of Ring Chime.
  1. Release the reset button. The status light located on the front of the Chime will flash quickly a few times indicating that it is restarting.
Status light highlighted on front of Ring Chime.
  1. The chime is now reset to factory defaults. If you want to set it up again, you'll need to use the Ring app to reconnect it to your WiFi network.