How to Factory Reset an ecobee Room Sensor

Authored by: Tech Pro Team

1. Introduction

In This Guide

You'll Learn How To:

  • Factory Reset your Ecobee Room Sensor.

Before We Begin:

  • Be near your Room Sensor

2. Factory Reset

  1. Remove the circular backing from the back of the sensor.
Circular backing from the unit
  1. Remove the battery from the battery slot.
Removing the battery
  1. Gently lift the prongs in the middle of the battery slot with your index fingernail.
Prongs in the battery slot
  1. Place the battery back into the battery slot with the positive side facing down for 30 seconds.
Wait 30 Seconds
  1. Remove the battery and place the battery back in with the positive side facing up.
Positive side facing up
  1. Place the backing back onto the battery slot.
Circular backing from the unit

3. Re-pair a Sensor to Your Thermostat

  1. Your ecobee will notify you that it has found a Room Sensor. Tap Yes to proceed with pairing.
ecobee asking to pair
  1. Your Sensor will start to pair and a four digit code will appear on your thermostat.
  1. Select a name for your Sensor, then tap Next.
Choosing a name
  1. Select when your Sensor will be active, then Tap Next.
Selecting when the sensor is active
  1. Enable or Disable the Smart Home/Away function by tapping the desired setting.
  2. The Smart Home/Away function uses all the sensors connected to your thermostat to detect if anyone is currently home. If, according to your normal schedule, your thermostat believes you should be â€œhome,” but your sensors detect that your home is actually unoccupied, your ecobee thermostat will make adjustments so you aren't unnecessarily heating or cooling an empty home.
ecobee sensor smart home/away setting
  1. Enable or Disable the Follow Me function by tapping the desired setting.
  2. The Follow Me function uses all the sensors connected to your thermostat to intelligently make heating and cooling decisions for the rooms of your home that your sensors detect activity in. If the Follow Me function is disabled, your ecobee thermostat will make heating and cooling decisions based on the average temperatures measured between the sensors in your home.
ecobee follow me enabled