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How to Fix Email Not Working in iPhone Mail App

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It can be incredibly frustrating when you can't check-in your mail. This guide will walk you through the basic steps to check to make sure you'll be able to get your mail using Mail on iOS. Also, if problems persist, this guide will help you understand the problem and get the exact help you need from your mail provider so there's little confusion.
iOS Mail Problems
Using This GuideWhile using this guide, after each step, try checking your mail again to see if the problem is resolved. If you continue to have issues, move onto the next step.

1 Restart your iPhone or iPad

Many basic problems can be solved simply by restarting your device. This clears caches, and forces the device to re-load the program or web page you may be having issue with, rather than use something that may be partially wrong.

Before you restart or shut down your device, make sure to save all necessary work to prevent data loss.
  1. Push and hold the Power button for a few moments.
    iPhone with power button highlighted.
    Depending on the model of iPhone you have, the location of the power button may be on the top or on the right-hand side.
  2. Slide the Power symbol on your screen to the right to shut down your iPhone.
    Slide to Power off Prompt with power switch highlighted and arrow indicating to slide to the right.
  3. Wait 30 seconds.
    Wait 30 Seconds
  4. Push and hold the Power button for a few moments to turn your iPhone back on.
    iPhone with power button highlighted.
After rebooting, check if you are still having the same problem again. Many times, this is all that's needed to fix issues you may have!

2 Make Sure the Internet Connection Works

3 Mail Error Message

There are a couple common error messages you can receive when trying to send and receive email.

Password Prompt
You are prompted for a password over and over.
No Mail Ever Arrives
You get no errors when you send or receive your mail, but even after sending yourself a test message, no mail arrives.

? What kind of error are you receiving?

  1. The mail program keeps asking for my password over and over.
  2. No mail ever arrives.
  3. I get another error when trying to send mail.

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