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How to Fix Sound Issues on a Nintendo Switch

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
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This guide will help you resolve issues with your Switch's sound.

? What sound issue are you having?

  1. No sound from the television while the Switch is docked
  2. No sound from the Switch console

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This guide will help you resolve issues with your Switch's sound.
  1. Ensure that the television is not set to mute and that its volume is not turned low.
  2. Test other channels to see if it is working.
  1. Open System Settings.
    Nintendo Switch home menu with system settings highlighted
  2. Select TV Settings.
    Nintendo Switch system settings menu with TV Settings highlighted
  3. Scroll down to TV Sound.
    Nintendo Switch TV settings menu with TV Sound highlighted
  4. This can be set to:
    • Automatic
    • Surround Sound
    • Stereo
    • Mono
Test another HDMI. The current cable may be damaged.
Nintendo Switch Dock with back cover open showing connections for AC Adapter and HDMI out
  1. Open System Settings.
    Nintendo Switch Home Menu showing system settings highlighted
  2. Select System.
  3. Make sure Mute when Headphones are Disconnected is set to OFF.
    Nintendo switch system settings menu showing system and mute when headphones are disconnected highlighted
Using the buttons on top of the Switch console, adjust the volume.
Nintendo Switch showing the volume buttons on the top highlighted
  1. Hold the Power Button for roughly 3 seconds.
    Nintendo Switch console highlighting the power button at the top.
  2. Select Power Options.
    Nintendo Switch menu displaying power options.
  3. Choose either Turn Off or Restart.
    Nintendo Switch power options menu highlighting the turn off option.
  4. If the console was turned off, press the Power Button again to power it back on.