How to Reset a Nest x Yale Lock

Authored by: Tech Pro Team

1. Introduction

Resetting your Nest x Yale Lock will restore its default settings. You may need to do this to resolve some issues like an unresponsive keypad, connectivity issues, or a forgotten master passcode.

2. Factory Reset

This process will erase all user passcodes including the master passcode and return all programming features to original default settings.

  1. Insert the battery cover key or a similar tool with one hand into the small hole at the top of the door lock then press it downward and hold it to unlock (1) the battery cover while you remove (2) it with your other hand.
Annotations showing door lock battery cover removal.
  1. Remove all batteries and unscrew the two bolts holding the mounting plate.
Bolt holes annotated on door lock.
  1. Remove the mounting plate then press and hold the reset button on the back.
Reset button highlighted on back of door lock.
  1. Insert the batteries into place while holding the reset button. Only release it when you hear "Erasing all settings" and the front light turns red.
Front light turned red annotated on front of door lock.
  1. Remove the left side and right side batteries then screw the two bolts back into holes to secure the mounting plate back onto the door.
Bolt holes annotated on door lock.
  1. Replace the batteries back into place and replace the battery cover by inserting the two tabs into the two holes by each side of the front light.
Holes holding the battery cover tabs annotated on door lock.
  1. Press the top of the battery cover until it snaps into place and locks onto the mounting plate.
Battery cover replacement step annotated.

After resetting the lock, you must create a Master Passcode on the lock before you set it up with the Nest app.