How to Set Up a Sengled WiFi LED Light Bulb

Authored by: Tech Pro Team

1. Introduction

This guide will help you install the Sengled Home app to control your Sengled bulb.

Tools You'll Need:

  • A paperclip
  • iPhone charging cable
  • Access to a computer with iTunes installed
  • Any other non-consumable tools needed
  • Comment out tools section if no tools are necessary


Supplies You'll Need:

  • Zip ties
  • Any other consumable supplies
  • Comment out supplies section if no supplies are necessary


Before You Begin:

Sengled Home App
To use your Sengled WiFi bulb, you will need to have the Sengled Home App installed on your smartphone or tablet.


Supported Bulbs

Sengled offers multiple types of bulbs, each with a slightly different use and program to control them. This guide will help you install and setup the Sengled Smart WiFi LED bulbs.The Sengled Smart WiFi LED bulb does not require a hub; rather it connects to your WiFi router directly.

Sengled Wi-Fi Bulbs

Other Sengled Bulbs

We have the following guides available for other Sengled bulbs.

Sengled Element

Sengled Element Starter Kits

Sengled Element
For Sengled's range of Zigbee bulbs, anlong with the Sengled Smart Hub.

Sengled Pulse

Sengled Pulse

Sengled Pulse
For bulbs with Bluetooth Speaker, using the Sengled Pulse app.

Sengled Snap

Sengled Snap

Sengled Snap
For bulbs with a security camera built in, using the Sengled Snap app.

2. Install the Bulb

  1. Turn off the power to the lamp or light fixture where you want the smart light.
Light switch off.
  1. Remove your old bulb.
  2. Carefully screw in your new Sengled bulb.
Screw in bulb
  1. Turn your light on.
Light switch on.
  1. The light will flash twice, indicating it's ready to be setup.
White LED Light Reset

3. Add Bulb

  1. Open the Sengled Home app, and select Devices at the bottom.
Sengled Home.

Sengled home menu bear with Devices highlighted.
  1. Select the + Add button on the top right, then select Smart Wi-Fi Bulb.
Heavy Plus Sign

Add device with Smart Wi-Fi Bulb highlighted.
  1. The app will ask to confirm the light blinked when powered up. Select Next.
Wi-Fi bulb ready check with next highlighted.
  1. The app will search for and connect to your WiFi bulb.
Searching for Wi-Fi Bulb
  1. Follow the instructions on your smartphone or tablet to complete the setup of your WiFi Bulb.