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How to Use Apps on a PlayStation 4

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
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Your console is not limited to just playing games. You can also install apps from the store. This guide aims to help you with basic apps usage.

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  1. Purchasing Playstation 4 apps
  2. Downloading from the store
  3. Launching or installing an app or game
  4. Removing / deleting an app or game
  5. Updating apps
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Your console is not limited to just playing games. You can also install apps from the store. This guide aims to help you with basic apps usage.

Purchase PlayStation 4 games and apps.

If you have not setup a payment method:

  1. Open the PlayStation Store
  2. Scroll down to Payment Methods, open it.
  3. Add your PayPal or credit/debit card information by following the prompts.

Now, return to the PlayStation Store.

  1. Select the app or game that you wish to purchase.
  2. Select the Download or Buy/Purchase button to continue.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to finalize the purchase.

Download games and apps:

  1. Open the Library.
  2. Scroll down to Purchased.
    Library menu with Purchased option highlighted

  3. Choose a game.
    Purchased Games menu with Purchased highlighted

  4. On the game details screen select the Download button.
    Game with Download button highlighted

Launch or install games and apps.

  • Your commonly used apps will be shown in the main screen.
    You can scroll left and right to highlight and push X to open Apps .
    Main screen with right arrow indicating scroll ability

  • You can also see your apps in the library. Scroll to the right to find it.
    List of options with Start highlighted

  1. Select any app or game in the library.
  2. You can sort the items on the screen by selecting an arrangement style from the upper-right side of the screen.
    Game and app library with All and Recently Used highlighted

  • Every time you launch an app it will check for an update. Follow the prompts if you are prompted to do an update.

  • If the app/game is in the library but not installed, when you attempt to launch it you will need to download it before it will run.

Delete games and apps.

You can free up PlayStation 4 data storage space by following these instructions:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Scroll down to System Storage Management and select it.
    Settings window with System Storage Management highlighted

  3. Open Applications.
    List of options with Applications highlighted

  4. Select any item you want to delete, press OPTIONS on the PS4 controller and choose Delete from the screen.

  5. Uninstalled games and apps will stay in your library. You can launch them from your library to reinstall them again later.

Update games and apps.

Games and apps update automatically when launched.
  1. To manually update, highlight a game or app.
  2. Press Options on the controller.
  3. Select Check for Update.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the update.