What's New in iOS 13

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1. Introduction

Apple released iOS 13 on September 19, 2019.

Learn more about what's new on offer from Dark Mode, the all-new Photos, Maps, and Reminders apps, Sign In with Apple, and the new Find My app, as well as a host of other new features and enhancements for your phone or music player.

Before You Begin:

Update to iOS 13

What's New in iOS 13

2. Finally, Dark Mode Has Arrived in iOS 13

One of the most striking new features of iOS 13 is a 'Dark Mode'. This dimms a large portion of the screen to create a darker appearance that's easier on the eyes yet still visually appealing.

Example of Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode

  1. Open Settings, and select Display & Brightness.
iOS Settings.

Display & Brightness
  1. At the top, select Dark.
Display and Brightness settings with Dark highlighted.

You may also select Automatic, which will automatically switch to Dark Mode when Night Shift is active, just below.

3. The Photos App Got New Look and Added Features

Example Photo Editing

The Photos app has been completely revamped, offering better lighting controls and other editing tools, as well as a slick new interface complete with moving previews for videos.

4. Increased Security Added with Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple

Another major feature present in iOS 13 is greater security and privacy, beginning with Sign in with Apple.

As more websites and services start incorporating the feature, you will be able to use your Apple ID to sign in to websites, apps, and more with a single, secure login.

When you sign in on a website, your iPhone will ask if you meant to sign in, and give you direct control over what information is sent to that service.

Not many sites allow Sign in with Apple yet, but service providers are keen to adopt this technology; expect to see more opportunities in the future!

5. Maps Improvements like 3D Views and Places

Maps Example

Maps has seen a significant overhaul, with far more detail and even immersive 3D views in some cities.

Maps Look Around Example

You can now build a collection of places you love or places you intend to visit on your next vacation.

Maps combining multiple points of interest to a collection

6. Learn More About iOS 13

There's even more new in iOS 13, from Augmented Reality to better Mail formatting tools to Improvements in Siri.

You can learn even more from your iPhone once updated. Open the Tips app, and select What's New in iOS 13.


Tips with What's New in iOS 13 highlighted.

iOS 13
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